Friday, November 16, 2007

Caribou Clothes

This is how we used to dress in "the old days" when out on the land. Caribou skin clothing can't be beat for warmth. The trouble is, there are almost no women left who know how to make it properly. Even the Inuit have pretty much abandoned it for that reason.

I still has have my caribou clothes, but they seem to have shrunk over the years and I can't squeeze into any of them now!

This photo was taken at Nagyoktok (Richardson Island) in the early 70's. Most people had already given up the dog teams by then, although I still had six that were used for short hunting trips.

I still have the same rifle, but not the beard!



Jim said...

Great pic. Came across you site cuz I've been trying to find some authentic caribou clothing. Sure wish I could try out one of those parkas. Everyone says they're the warmest around. Any suggestions? I'm not encouraged to hear even the Inuits aren't making them for themselves.

Jim said...

Great pic! Came across your site while looking for authentic caribou clothing. Everyone says it the warmest thing around. Discouraging to hear the Inuit aren't making them much anymore. I sure would like to try a parka. I live in Chicago & am always freezing. Any suggestions?

Larry said...

Move to Florida!

Just kidding. You may have to really hunt to find someone who can do a decent job for you, at a reasonable price. There are still a few older women in Nunavut who can make caribou clothing.

Disadvantages: 1) Not tanned, so you have to keep it dry and refrigerated during the summer months. 2) Not very durable - requires care and the hair tends to fall out. 3) No pockets 4) Probably too warm for Chicago.