Friday, November 16, 2007

Thoughts of Summer

It was down to minus 42 this past weekend and still remains in the minus 30 range today, although the sun was shining brightly. I spent the weekend editing some video and doing some gardening - indoors that is. My little seedlings will remain in the house for another two months before going out to the greenhouse or to the outdoor garden.

Everyone in Kugluktuk is wishing for a break in the weather, which should come soon. Helen and I hope to go to our cabin for the weekend as it's forecast to go up to a balmy minus 21 by Friday.


For all the fishermen out there, check out this video;

It was taken on an old analog video camera in 1997, and recently converted to digital format. That char would have been a world record for six-pound test, but the boys and I ate the fish before we found that out!


Photo: Our house, with the Coppermine River in front and the Arctic Ocean beyond the sandbars.

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